Coffee For Your Heart: SO. Loved.

I’m the momma to a sweet little girl. (I think most of you know that by now.) πŸ˜‰

I spend my days laughing with and loving this wonderful, energetic, burst of sunshine…one that my Father knew our family needed.

And most of the days we spend together are truly wonderful…there are games and playing puzzles and laughing and usually singing. Listening to the Frozen soundtrack over and over. Dress-up and dancing. Furniture leaping when I turn my back.


spunkyMaeAnd, yes, she’s wearing a Halloween shirt.
After Christmas.
Because, you know, she’s THREE. πŸ˜‰

But then there ARE those days, too.

The kind when age three takes over and the stubbornness (from both sides!) comes in, and we struggle.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times.

I had things I had to get done in-between the fun of our day…and one of those things was our Tuesday, God-Sized Dream, prayer meeting over Google Hangout.

The routine is usually the same…Mae gets to pick out a longer show or movie, something that will keep her occupied while I’m doing that. And most of the time…most…it’s a good plan, and it works.

But yesterday, there must have been something in her apple juice. Seriously.

In the background of the phone call, she was howling.

I’m not talking the laughter kind of howling…I’m talking the wolf kind.

Ow…OOOOOOOHHHHHH! (That sound is really hard to put into actual letters.) πŸ˜‰

I tried to gently hush her, and for the most part, she listened and went back to watching My Little Ponies.

And then…and not kidding here…just as I’ve uttered about TWO words of a prayer, she comes up to me. Yanks on my arm.

I gave her hand a little squeeze and tried to keep going.

But she keeps pulling, and I pause to look over.

She’s rubbing her belly…this annoying thing she’s started to do when she wants a snack. Which is like All. Day. Long. I’m convinced that toddlers want snacks all the live long day.

I shake my head no, but she’ll have none of it.

And as I try to go back to prayer, she hits my arm.

At this point, I have to excuse myself from the prayer and step AWAY from the camera.

After scolding her for hitting me, I take her into the kitchen to try to find something to get her through the last minutes of prayer time. Thinking she wants an apple or grapes, I go for the fruit.

No, mommy. I’m hungry!!! Can I have a Hershey’s kiss?

Really, child? You pulled me away from prayer time FOR. A. HERSHEY’S. KISS.

Those words may-or-may-not-have escaped my lips.

But at that point, I was more concerned with getting back to prayer time and keeping her happy (not necessarily my finest parenting here…) and so I obliged.

Miraculously, it worked for awhile.

Later when we’d finished prayer, and I’d hung up, she came over to me.

Mommy, I love you. I just want to be close to you. And she wrapped her arms around me.

And as we grabbed hands and went back to playing together, I thought of how blessed I am to be loved by such a wonderful little girl.

Yes, there are belly-rubbing, Hershey’s-kiss-begging, just-plain-bad, parenting moments…but there’s still love. Forgiveness.

And the deep desire to just be close.

Yesterday my sweet girl reminded me how much she loves me, even on the days I mess up big time.

And that was such a sweet reminder to me of how much my Father loves me, too, in spite of me being me, in spite of the times I mess up, even on those days when I don’t show the love I should to Him.

Friend, you are loved.

SO. Loved.

Remember that today. :)


I love my sweet friend, Holley‘s, new link-up! Her Coffee For Your Heart: 2014 Encouragement Challenge is just what it sounds like. Think of Wednesdays as that day where I just share some encouragement…and you can pretend that we’re sitting at a table over coffee, just sharing life. Sounds like a great way to spend Wednesdays in this space. :) I hope you’ll hop over and join us!




  1. Oh what a sweetheart!! They do find the most inopportune times to show us their “love”! :) Have a wonderful day Mel!! :)

    • It’s like they have radar…”Oh, mommy REALLY can’t give me attention right now. I need it!!!!” And yet…oh, how they melt our hearts. πŸ˜‰ Hope your Wednesday is a fabulous one, friend!

  2. Kids certainly can bring out the best and worst in us. I remember the days (actually, still have them) when it’s difficult to balance being a Mom and being a human, just wanting to do ONE thing for yourself today. And I agree, kids are the most forgiving! Even when we act atrocious they still come back and love you like you never messed up. It’s a beautiful, humbling thing!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

    • Oh, yes…she is definitely the most forgiving little girl. It’s a humbling reminder to love, even in the mess. :) Thank you, Christy…happy Wednesday to you!

  3. Oh, Mel! I loved seeing this story from your side of the camera!! (ps. never heard the wolf sounds though the speakers)

    and there is not much that a few hershey kisses (or Dove promises) can’t fix!
    Love you, too!!!

    • I’m glad you couldn’t hear it…it was definitely, um, LOUD! (She’s gifted, vocally.) πŸ˜‰ I would agree with your theory on chocolate, too…though I’d go for the dark chocolate Doves over the kisses any day! Love ya, friend!

  4. katie orf says:

    It must be adorable when you two sing to Frozen songs! :)

  5. what a wonderful mommy she has!! i love the way it reminds me through reading this story of the deep deep love of our God. Love you to friend!

  6. Thank you for your words today Mel. Funny how the little moments in life, or that little dallop of chocolate, can mean more than any big moment because it came from her. That’s a God-sized loved my friend πŸ˜‰

  7. Wait until she just goes and helps herself. Chocolate does fix everything.

  8. A girl after my own chocolate-loving heart. :) Such a sweet story!

  9. The wolf howling thing is loud, annoying, and strangely hilarious at the same time. But maybe I only think that because I’m not at home dealing with it nearly as often.

    • Yep…I think it phased out of the “cute” stage awhile ago. Now, in addition to it being a daily sound she makes, it’s also how she lets me know she’s awake in the morning. πŸ˜‰

  10. Love this, And I can relate to the wolf howls as my six year old niece finds this hilarious.

  11. I have those days too with crazy kids running and yelling and really just needing me to love on them. Kids are so good at getting our attention when they need us.

    • It’s something I’m trying to be more aware of…often, when she’s out of sorts, it’s because she just needs me to tackle her in a great, big bear hug. That, I can do. :) Happy Wednesday, friend!

  12. I’m hearing a sacred echo in the posts I’m reading from Holley’s link up. We are hearing God speak through the lives of our children and it is glorious.

  13. What a beautiful picture of love. I remember those days of snack begging and not so good parenting moments but the hugs and real kisses wipe all that out. It still melts my heart when my big kids want to spend time with me and might even give me a hug in public no less. :)

    • Thank you, sweet Amy! I have to remind myself…especially when she’s in her super-huggy mode…that these days are going to fly. She’s not always going to want to shower me with constant love and be by my side every moment. Doing my best to soak it up and cherish each minute. :) I hope you’re having a wonderful week, my friend!

  14. That’s hilarious, Mel! Clearly that Hershey’s kiss just couldn’t wait, not one minute longer. So glad you recognize the blessing of being loved by your sweet girl. I’m gonna tell you that it just gets better…and some days more trying…but love will bring you both through. Enjoyed this post today, friend!

    • Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement, friend! Blessings to you…and hopefully we’ll “see” each other at #fmfparty! (((hugs))) :)

  15. Sounds so much like my little one, she is 4 and she is awesome as well :-). Girls have this wonderful thing within themselves, don’t they, to give and love? God bless her and you, lovely post! #Coffeeforyourheart

    • Oh, I absolutely agree…little girls and the love they have for everyone! It’s all-in love, and it’s so beautiful. :) Thanks for stopping by, friend…wishing you a wonderful week!

  16. What a beautiful reminder – I needed to read your encouraging words this morning. What a wonderful message this week’s Coffee for Your Heart holds for us – we are loved! Hoping that you have a fabulous week!

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