Cherry Drool

I took Mae to the doctor today to get her leg checked out.

She was cranky and crying, as usual, while Dr. F was examining her, making it hard for him to pinpoint if he was dealing with a little girl in pain or just a mad little girl. 😉 He invited her to take a walk down the hall with him to “get a sucker”…or, so he could see her limping.

She gladly obliged, and he was suddenly at the top of her “favorite people list” after giving her a sucker from the basket. (I think this made him feel good after so many visits of not being especially loved. True.)

The second she tore that wrapper off the Dum Dum, she stuffed the candy into her mouth…and I watched in amazement.

When did she learn to do this?

I’d never given her a sucker before, but she knew what to do!

And…what not to do.

Enter…The. Drool.

Cherry flavored.

Mmmmmmmm. (Or not.)

I could not believe the amount of drool that teeny, tiny sucker produced. It soaked the front of her shirt. It left a trail AND then a puddle on the floor.

And all Dr. F and I could do…was laugh.

Golly, it was funny.

AND a sticky, gross mess (that I got) to clean up…BUT it was such a good reminder to me.

Sometimes there are pieces of life that are not the easiest to deal with. The best we can do is laugh, clean it all up, and keep going.

Which is exactly what I did…except, I waited until she was done with her candy before I took her out of the office. (No sense in continuing the trail of cherry goo.) 😉

We got out to the car, changed her shirt, and were on our way home.

With a story that, I’m sure, will be told over and over. :)

(Oh, and her leg is ok…just a sprain. Thanks for praying! :))


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