Chattin’ While Drinkin’ Water Out Of My New Orange Water Bottle

Ok, so I’m kind of lacking creativity in the titling of this post. Therefore, you get exactly what’s happening. 😉

Today if you hopped over, you’d find a semi-clean house (yay, Mel!) and someone dying to chat with a human being who can speak words back.

It’s been kind of a rainy, blah week, and Mae and I haven’t been out of the house much other than for random walks and a bit of birthday shopping for my hubby, who turns (whisper) 34 on Tuesday! Anyway, so when today (aka: Park Day) rolled around, I was sure we’d get rained out. Thankfully we didn’t and Mae and I had some time this morning with friends. Ah, what social interaction will do for the heart and soul.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a visit from some more of our Indonesia friends.

The Hegle’s are a family we’ve known since the summer before we went to Indo, and they’re back for the summer.

We love them, our fellow Packer friends, American Idol party hosts, and just cool people. So looking forward to seeing them tomorrow and introducing them to our girl!

This week I vowed that I would work out every day.

On Monday nights I get together with a group for a walk (a make-me-drip-with-sweat-up-and-down-hills walk, just to clarify ;)) and then some station training with a friend who I think could steal Jillian Michaels’ job. Speaking of Jillian, I bought her DVD, 30 Day Shred, and I have to admit that after three days, I can already tell a difference.

The workouts are TOUGH, but at least they’re short. (20ish minutes.)

I WILL make it through the 30 days!

I WILL MAKE IT through the 30 days!


Just sayin’. :) And then I will reward myself with some chocolate and shopping.

Tonight I had a culinary success that I HAVE to brag about. I made homemade pizza on the grill. I read about this on a friend’s blog, tweaked it, and gave it a try.

It was amazing…so amazing that I want to go attack the leftovers, but I’m practicing self control. I’m thinkin’ we might need to make it a few more times this summer, though. :) (Why is it that I seem to follow talking about working out with talking about food?)

We’re still tossing around vacation ideas but have pretty much settled on either St.

Louis or Southaven, since both would involve seeing some good friends we haven’ t seen for

two years.

Good stuff. Now that we have a semi-plan, I’m ready to get excited about actu ally

taking a vacation!

The three of us went on a family “date” tonight. First we headed to Menards to pick up my extremely late Mother’s Day gift…a fire pit. I am very excited about it.

😀 I can’t wait to roast marshmallows and strum my guitar and sing. YAY!!! Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things so we can actually feed our friends tomorrow.

We are tossing around the idea of getting a small(er) pool for Maelie since she already loves the water.

We’ve been looking at the 3′ Intex one and wondering if it’s worth it. I know a few people who have them. The way this girl splashes around, she’ll use it all the time. Just wondering if we want to wait another summer. I guess we’ll see what kind of deal we can get.

Ok, I’m just blabbing on and on when the truth is, I’ve got thank you’s to write and some doggies to love and an orange water bottle to refill.

G’nite! Love you all.


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