So I’ve talked for ages about actually making a bucket list.


Have I done it


No. Mostly because I am a huge procrastinator carefully thinking it over.


If I could write one at this moment, it would probably include a mix of traveling, music, and writing, although I can’t pinpoint exactly what I would put on that list… most things, anyway.

Except for the one of the things I’ve wanted to do for years.

Write a book.

I’ve actually written one already, but I’m nowhere near happy enough with it to actually put it in the hands of strangers.

Plus, life changed a lot in the seven years since I wrote it. I’ ve gone back and forth about how I could possibly write a book about Indonesia, and ha

ve always had doubts.

There are already way too many travel books out there, I’m not the most educated person when it comes to Indonesian culture, and who would want

to read about my life? And, really, the list could go on.

But today I had a breakthrough…I think. :)

I can’t wait to tell you more about it…I hope. :)

But the idea I have…I love. :)

So, now I’m off to write in the land of non-blogging.

Wish me luck!


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