Birthday Party Planning!

So…um…I may have mentioned just a few times that my girl is turning ONE very, very soon?

Yay, Maelie!

I’ve been kind of thinking about what I want to do for her big day.

We’ll be going to Iowa the week before her birthday, so we’ll celebrate with my family then, and that will be fun.

But we also have some pretty incredible friends here who have loved her (and us!) this past year, and we want to celebrate with them, too.

So…I’ve been planning a party!

Here’s something you need to know about my personality type… and me, in general.

I have tons of huge, fabulous, wonderful ideas. (I know, I’m so modest, huh?)

My problem comes when I actually have to turn those ideas into reality.

I find it very difficult to actually follow through on the big schemes that I’ve created, weaved together, and organized in my brain.

So I might need some help from those of you who are actually gifted in the area of event planning.

I started with making lists: of guests, of what we need and how much it will cost, of what we can borrow.

Then we made an invitation that needs to be printed off and mailed this


And I found a picture of the cake I want to make for her. I am breaking Schroeder tradition and doing a CUPCAKE cake.

If I can make it turn out, it will be super cute.

(If not, at least cake is yummy.)

I bought Mae a fluffy pink skirt and birthday shirt to wear on the big day. (She still needs a crown…I’m looking, I’m looking!)

What am I forgetting



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