Behind the Scenes: Sometimes We All Just Need a Nap

photo(14)Look close.

Cute. Little. Girl. Alert.


She really is. Cute, that is. Adorable, kind, completely funny, silly…just a wonderful little princess of a girl.

She also stopped napping around the time she turned two.

Friends that means for about a year, she has taken about six naps TOTAL. (That includes the four she took last week when she had the flu…)

Needless to say?

This mama is tired.

I so love being mommy to Mae…she is truly my sunshine, and the mommy/daughter bond we are building is something I hope will grow for the rest of our lives.

Having a daughter is the most amazing, incredible, dream come true.

But sometimes?

Oh, how I looooooooooong….sometimes with even more o’s…For. A. Nap.

A nap from her so there can be one for me, too.

That may sound lazy, but Oh. How. I. Miss. Naptime.

After a particularly trying day last week, my husband pretty much mandated something. (In a kind way, though.)

An hour-long rest for our Maelie-girl every day.

Oh, I’m pretty sure the angels sang. In fact, I probably joined them. Loudly.

This picture was taken the first day of our new let’s-take-a-rest experiment.

I almost felt guilty as I rested the gate against her door and saw that cute, little, slightly curious, smile come to her lips.

What are you doing, Mommy?

Remember, Mae? You’re going to take a rest for an hour. You can play or read quietly or even sleep.

And so began the hour.

Things were good for the first 20 minutes or so…and then, Mommy? I’m hungry.

I caved and went downstairs to grab a little snack for her.

That seemed to satisfy her, and she continued playing with her dollhouse while I crept back to our bedroom across the hall, crash-landed on the bed, and virtually-cracked open a book on my Kindle. I made it about three pages before my eyelids started to close…

and I woke up an hour later.

Everything. Was. Quiet.

Gotta admit, I’ve never bolted out of bed faster.

Because when you’re the mama of a toddler, silence is not golden. It’s just plain suspicious.

But I didn’t need to bolt out of bed at all…because one little peek into her room gave me the answer I needed.

The one I had almost never dared to hope for.

There she lay, curled up under her purple blanket…Napping.

Yes, folks, nap #7 of the year.

It was lovely, and I flipped off her light and let it continue for yet another half an hour or so.


It hasn’t happened again, but hey.

I’ll take it.

And my nap was wonderful, too, since I know you’re wondering. πŸ˜‰


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  1. I never realized how precious naptime was until it was gone. I also did the quiet time and I still do. It is so funny how they do sometimes still fall asleep. God made our bodies totally knowing when we need that rest! My kids actually look forward to it now. It is a way to have some quiet for me and for them to be able to know they can play something/read alone. When they are done with that, they are ready to play with each other again and I am refreshed.

    I love naps! Especially when my husband is home, and can run interference and they do not come into my room…Ahh, such a sweet time! And when it is raining…quite possibly the best Sunday afternoon ever!

    The picture is adorable. Her little body leaning towards the door in anticipation is so cute! Enjoy #8 if you get it soon!

    • Yep…a nap when it’s raining…The. Best. :) The quiet time thing doesn’t seem to be too quiet yet, but she’s getting the idea that she has to stay in her room…and it’s a start. Here’s hoping for nap #8! Blessings, friend. :)

  2. At least you got a chance to rest. I envy people who can nap. I try, but when I do I do not sleep at night. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. There was no way, no how I was going to nap in the afternoon. Now that I have come to appreciate the value of an afternoon nap, I experience insomnia if I indulge. Hope you get another opportunity to nap soon!

    • The resting part is nice…I just need to be careful not to fall asleep unless she’s out, too. πŸ˜‰ Thanks, friend…blessings!

  3. Oh how I miss afternoon naps! Mine are way past that age now, sadly. But I also know the mama-panic that can make you bolt out of bed to make sure no tragedies happened while you let your guard down temporarily. Hey, that gives me an idea for next week’s BTS!

    • Oooohhh…can’t wait to read it! :) And yep, thankfully the mama panic didn’t last too long. Blessings, friend…have a wonderful week! :)

  4. I’m so glad you got a nap this past week!! True story – my girls are 10 and 12 – and this is the first summer I have not mandated rest time after lunch! The past few years I let them pick their rest spot — inside or outside (to read, write or nap), but before that it was in their room! It was a mid-day break we all needed!! So, my friend, if you set the routine now, you could be enjoying this hour break for many more years, if you want it!! :)

    p.s. Maybe one of these rest times you’ll shoot me an email with that paragraph?! πŸ˜‰

  5. I have a 3 y/o who is giving up a nap and it’s awful. We try to mandate rest time, but man, she can make a mess! And there’s a 7 and 8 y/o who think they’re too old for naps and can’t seem to understand that “rest” just means a quiet activity that doesn’t wake up their 1 y/o brother! So start it now and make it routine and don’t relent like I did, because it’s hard to get it back! Also, don’t you love that our husbands recognize we need the rest just as much as them? Mine is also the one who institutes nap times, so Sunday is the best afternoon of the week. visiting from Behind the Scenes.

    • Hi, Lindsey…glad you stopped by! Yep…the funny thing is I’ve tried “rest times” but have always caved when she called for me or cried. Just a week(ish) into it, and she’s already learning that it’s her time to be quiet in her room. (Though today she put on socks and “skated” around…hey, whatever keeps her entertained and quiet! ;)) Have a great week!

  6. Dear Mel
    Oh, how I remember how it felt when you really thought that you never are going to have a good nights sleep again; never mind an afternoon nap! I often look after my two year old niece and whe they want to play, they want to play! She stopped having naps at about 17 months, but started again at about 22 months! I am glad you had a nice forty winks!

    • I have to admit it did feel amazing, even though I probably should have tried a little harder to keep my eyes open. πŸ˜‰ Blessings, friend…wishing you a wonderful week! :)

  7. Oh how I know those days! Even still!! I remember piling them up with me and shutting the door just so I could get a few mintues of rest. Days of naps will return, but the days of hearing…Mom?….as soon as you get to sleep never go away. Especially for sweet little girls who seem to want their momma more the older they get. I’m forever thankful for that :) Hope you are well rested to day precious friend!!

    • There have been times I’ve put her on our bed with a stack of books and a Sesame Street episode so I can catch a nap… πŸ˜‰ I’m glad that, for the most part, it seems to be working for now…I’ll take it! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend…hugs. :)

  8. Yay! I’m sitting on the couch right now, opposite my little one exploring the boundaries of his crib during morning “nap time.” This gives me hope. πŸ˜‰

    (And if you ever need a nap … on a Monday or Tuesday … seriously, send Mae over to play with baby Iah for an hour.)

    • That’s a sweet offer…I may take you up on it sometime! :) And Mae loves baby Iah…she’s always asking for him and praying for him at night. It’s too cute. :)

  9. This is great, Mel. I love naps too! And you’re right, silence and small children is usually cause for alarm! Love it!
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Mel! I am right there with ya! My boy gave up naps around 2 1/2, soon after his sister was born… and for the 6 months before that I would drive him in the car, one lap around the army post, to get him to sleep, carry him in and lay him down for 2 hours. :) Once baby was born and it was taking 2+ laps in the car with no luck, I knew he was done. He still randomly falls asleep in the car, but regular naps? Not happening. Quiet time is essential! When Little Miss napped I would have him sit on the couch with a movie for quiet time. Most days it worked well, and I got some me time while he got to relax. :) But man, I miss his naps, too!

    • I didn’t expect her to drop her nap so soon, especially because I’ve always been a sleeper. (As a kid I took four hour naps until I was six.) Clearly she doesn’t appreciate sleep like I did and still do! πŸ˜‰ But the quiet time seems to be working…I’m thankful for that. :) Hope you have a great week, friend!

  11. Oh the afternoon nap… that blissful time between exhausted and wrung out and I remember craving them too! I even remember crying when my son gave up on napping. Believe me when I tell you that a baby gate would not keep him restrained… So glad you found some rest friend. And praying that nap #8 is just around the corning.

    • I’m pulling for this week, but we’ll see! And I’m pretty sure there were tears last summer when I realized her napping days were over…maybe all mamas cry when that happens? πŸ˜‰ Blessings, friend…wishing you a wonderful week! :)

  12. She is a cutie! When my 3 oldest were younger and outgrew naptime, I would declare ‘quiet reading time’ and we all grabbed a book:)

    • Thanks, Michelle! That’s a great idea, and she loves books…I always suggest reading to her when she begins her quiet time. Sometimes at night we’ll even find her asleep in her bed with a book on her. Too cute. :) Blessings!

  13. The lack of a nap is really tough…on everybody. I’m glad you are getting some quiet time. We are right on the precipice of no more nap time around here. I think I’ll keep quiet time around as long as possible…if not for him then for me. That time is so valuable to rest and recharge. Great post.

    • Thanks, Heidi! Yeah…it’s definitely rough when those naps go away. I wish I’d been more intentional about quiet time, but I’m glad she seems to be ok with it for now…hopefully it will last! πŸ˜‰ Blessings…have a wonderful week!

  14. I am so thankful now that my kids are grown I can take naps whenever I want. I have found myself taking more and more of them as I get older.

  15. When my kids were in the napping stage, I knew that The Nap was God’s direct gift to me, so that I woudn’t go completely bonkers. A sane mommy is a great mommy! Love the idea of rest time, too! I had that when I was little, tho I think mine was for 30 min. I remember watching the clock alot :)

    • I think I didn’t take it for the gift it was at the beginning…I guess I know better now. :) At least she seems to “rest” ok…at least for now!

  16. My littlest still needs a nap on the weekends, but my older two really don’t. I have worked with them on having quiet time for an hour. They have to stay where I put them, but they can read or draw, just as long as they stay quiet. Half they time they fall asleep too!!

    • We haven’t been too successful with the sleeping part, but she does play by herself for that hour. It’s a nice break, so I’ll take it! :) Blessings, friend.

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