Behind the Scenes: Insignificant

IMG_0715I’ve shared this photo in this space a few times.

I think it’s cool, and it’s one of my hubby’s favorites, too…in fact, the first time I posted it (the first of about six times…) he commented that he was glad more people were going to see it. πŸ˜‰

I like it for lots of reasons. Let’s see…I’m sitting by the ocean watching the waves.

I’m in flip flops. :)

Oh, and I have a TAN. (Sorry, it’s January in the Midwest…aren’t we ALL dreaming of the tropics by now???)

Anyway, there’s actually a story behind this photo, too…one that I love to think about, especially when I realize that it’s been FIVE YEARS since this photo was taken. Wowza, time flies.

We were living in Indonesia at the time and had escaped the hustle and bustle of the city for a desperately-needed Thanksgiving break at the beach.

Now some of you might think, Oh, Indonesia. Lots of islands. Lots of beaches.

Yes, that’s true…but it doesn’t mean those beaches are easy to get to, especially when you also live in the middle of mountains. πŸ˜‰ This particular beach was about a five hour drive…with a little stop to fix a flat tire on the way, too. It was also about 80-100 miles from our home in Bandung…how’s that for travel perspective? πŸ˜‰

Our time at the beach was full of the kinds of things I like to do on vacation…sunshine, swimming, resting in a hammock, reading, playing games, eating seafood, more sunshine.

It was a good few days to just be.

And I remember, as Sunday afternoon rolled around and we faced leaving and going back to life…a life we loved, but also a life that was exhausting…that I needed a few moments to think.

And so I wandered out to the beach by myself, sat down on the (really, really toasty) sand, and watched the waves crash.

I didn’t know hubby was behind me with the camera, and he snapped a few shots of me as I just sat there and thought.

And what I love about this picture is that I look insignificant.


So very small, compared to the vastness of my Father’s creation.

And that’s exactly how I felt that day, too.

He was doing something so big all around me and in my heart. You wouldn’t know it by looking at that picture, but in that season of life, Tobin and I had finally decided to move forward with adopting. It was scary…a dream we were almost afraid to dream.

And as the mongo waves crashed and I sat there, mesmerized by the stunning view of the rainy weather that would eventually roll in…I was reminded of the beauty that comes with soaking in all that surrounded me.

Just being in his presence was the gift at that moment…and it was almost as if He was giving me a hug, reminding me of His greatness...and reminding me that He can do anything.

Just a few minutes later, we packed up the Kijang and headed out for the long and winding drive home.

Occasionally I’ll look at this picture again…or, ahem…post it on the blog. πŸ˜‰

I’ll reflect on that season with a sweet sadness as I miss what was and what happened and, also, what didn’t.

And, sometimes…well, sometimes I feel small. Insignificant. But then I remember how BIG He is.Β (<===Click to Tweet!)

And that I can trust Him with my dreams.

And I whisper thanks.Β 


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  1. Love this! It is a great picture. And such a reminder to all of us. Love you!

  2. Beautiful. Those feelings of being so very small have been my own as of late, but somehow I just know that it’s by our reducing, He is making way to show Himself so very big. Love you sweet friend!!

  3. Great picture !!! To realize how small we are within the big picture of His plan puts it all in perspective and we realize we can truly trust Him. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love ya girlie !!!

  4. Mel,
    Your words are such a great reminder — when we feel insignificant . . .”I remember how BIG He is.” I so needed this today! Thanks for letting me link up with you all at God-sized Dreams!

  5. I absolutely love what you said about feeling insignificant…so very powerful!

  6. that moment with you and the realization you’d decided to adopt… goosebumps. I hear you on the insignificant (in a good way!) moments like this. And in the insignificant in a not-so-good-way moments that come after sometimes. Glad you posted that pic again. :) And to find your post through the linkup.

  7. You know, it IS a pretty sweet lookin’ picture! Thanks for the perspective you gave about God and us. Full of truth!

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