Back to it…and Maelie survives Daycare (gasp!)

My sweet, precious daughter is 7 1/2 months old. She is cute, she laughs, she “sings”, she rolls over and is “beginning” to crawl (aka: wiggle herself everywhere), she chows down her baby food…she does all those awesome things that a 7 1/2 month old does. I love each and every day I spend with her.

But I DON’T love…what’s left of the baby belly.

I don’t just sit around. Goodness, I have a baby, which is enough to keep me busy all day long! When I have time I squeeze in some Pilates, and I make a conscious effort to run up and down our very steep staircase at least ten times a day. (That’s gotta be good for the butt, right?)

But I still have the baby belly…and I’m not really sure it’s going to go away.

I mean…I trained for a 5k for 2 1/2 months AND I actually ran the whole thing. But once it was over, I kind of lost my motivation to get up at 6 a.m. to go for a run. (Gee, I wonder why?!) I did squeeze back into my pre-prego jeans, but let’s be honest, they don’t fit like they used to.

So, really, I’ve got to make a decision here.

Either go hard core (no pun intended) and lose this thing or buy some bigger pants.

My sweet friend, Alison, decided to come to my rescue and force strongly encourage me to go for a run with her this morning.

So she picked me up and we headed to the community center to use the track.

(You can see how much I go here as I don’t even remember the actual name of where we went!) The one catch? No kids allowed.

Maelie would have to go to DAYCARE for an hour.

(I swore off daycare ages ago.)

But I decided it would be good for her AND me…and so I delivered her to the room, signed her in, and held back the tears. I can do this, I can do this, I chant to myself.

And I did. Of course I thought about her while we were running, but it was ok. I’m definitely not ready to leave her there for hours at a time, but today was a big step.

I CAN leave her for for a little while.

It was a good day.


Learning to let go a little bit…check.

A teeny-tiny part of my baby belly gone…check.



  1. I’m glad you were able to go! It definitely sounds like you were more traumatized than Mae. :)

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