All the Way From Madison

Tonight I’m writing you from our downtown Madison (WI) hotel room.

It’s a very cool room, at least I think so.

:) Tobin’s cousin is getting married tomorrow at the Capitol, so that’s the occasion.

And since this is a home football weekend AND the Farmer’s Market is going on, I am not regretting for a single second the fact that we splurged on a hotel room a block from the Capitol building.

The festivities kicked off early this morning with Mel squeezing in more than is humanly possible before we left.

From the time I rolled out of bed at 7:15 I managed to go for a run, shower and get ready, do three loads of laundry, pack for myself and Maelie, run to Target, Starbucks, and church, come home with time to feed lunch to Maelie, grab some for myself, and get out the door by 12:05.

Yeah, I’m good.

I know you’re all extremely impressed.

And, yeah, my Super Woman cape is in the mail.


Anyway, we’ve already had a fun and crazy afternoon/ evening with family.

Tomorrow is mostly wedding with a little a.m. Farmer’ s Market thrown in there, and

some more family time on Sunday.

It’ll be a good (but busy) weekend. So if I don’t write much, that’s why.

Tomorrow there just might be a picture of Maelie in her Uh-Dorable dress, though, and that’ s worth coming back for!




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