A Promise

My poor Mae isn’ t feeling great.

The antibiotics are starting to kick in, but she was definitely not herself this morning.

It was a cranky few hours, we didn’t have the van, and it’s raining…so you can imagine I was MORE than ready for her to go down for her nap by 1:00!

After she ate lunch, we played for a little while, and I could tell she was getting tired. So I m ade her a bottle and took her upstairs to read her a story while she drank it. We finished our book, and I looked across her room to see a little pillow propped up on her bookshelf with the words,

Jesus Loves Me.

I held her close and sang the song a few ti mes as she snuggled me. I know it’s probably the most oversung song in the history of Sunday School, but at the same time, those three words hold such a promise.

A promise I want my daughter to know and believe with all of her heart.

Jesus Loves Maelie,
Jesus Loves Maelie,
Jesus Loves Maelie,
The Bible tells us so.



  1. Chris Navarro says:

    I think they sometimes feel worse for the first couple of days on antibiotics. It’s like the germs are fighting their way out. Hope she’s feeling better soon

    • That’s what the nurse told me, too. Thankfully Mae seems to be doing better, and she’s not contagious, which means we can get out of the house tomorrow. WOOHOO!!! :)

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