A Late Night Ode to the Blog

Yes, the queen of procrastination is reigning supreme tonight.

After a fussy, emotional day on the part of both of the girls of the house, 😉 I opted for some R & R over actually writing anything of significance this afternoon.

And now, of course, I’m paying for it.

So, tonight Tobin and I had pizza, played with the girl a bit, laughed at her antics as she (again) crawled backwards, rolled around, and somehow ended up stuck under her exersaucer. It was quite a sight, and somewhere, there are photos. Maybe tomorrow. Then she went to bed, and I decided I needed an hour-long soak in the tub.

Then I did laundry, and here we are.

Almost 11:00 p.m., and here I sit, just me and my Mac, hoping and praying for some inspiration.

(And that I don’t fall asleep and fail to post this before midnight…of course I need to actually write it first.)

Back in the day when I had to come up with a poem here or there, I could usu

ally pull some pretty good sap and cheese out of nowhere. So tonight I will give it a try. However, poetry is not my forte whatsoever.

Enjoy. (Or, leave now…I don’t blame you.)

A Late Night Ode to the Blog

Oh, barefootmel, you frustrate me,
It is now exactly 11:03.
I have nothing to say and nothing to write,
I wish it wasn’t so late at night.

My eyelids are drooping, my brain is fried,
I’ve got nothing for you, I’ve tried and

So I decided to give rhyming a try,
I’ m so bad at it, I think this

might make me cry.

But I promised to visit you every day
And think of something meaningful to say,
Which hasn’t really happened today…
But that’ s ok, my reader

s love me anyway.

Good night. I promise you all something more thought-provoking tomorrow. 😀


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