A Bit of Everything

It’s just been a little-of-everything kind of day.

You know, the kind that starts with an early morning run requiring me to get up before six. By choice. What’s wrong with me? :)

Then it’s followed, literally, by one of the darkest mornings I’ve ever experienced. Storms, rain, thunder, lightning…and almost-blackness outside.

When I put Mae down for her morning nap, her nursery was completely dark…which I will admit helped speed up the falling asleep process.

So, no complaints.

Then it was just me for awhile…getting a few things done, catching up on a couple e-mails, writing a bit, watching half of Raising Helen, which is one of those movies that makes me laugh and cry repeatedly throughout. It was a good movie for today.

Mae took a good nap, and then it was time for lunch and a game of “Let’s-Get-Into-Everything”. It’s her favorite game. :) Today she discovered Uno cards, the stepladder, the fact that the kitchen drawers pull out, and that she can see her reflection in the oven door. She also tried to climb into (?) the dishwas her, but I

herded her out of there quickly.

We played and read books and played some more. And while I ate the last few pancakes for lunch, she came and stood by my knees, waiting for me to give her bites. I…ahem…think she may have learned this from the dogs.

I should probably not

indulge it. However, it was cute.

And funny. And passed some of the calories on to her instead of letting them go into me.

I decided we should try for two naps today since Mae was up very early this morning, and she agreed.

Nap 2 was a success and gave me a bit of time to do some more things.

Tobin came home early, and I left at five to go get a haircut.

A desperately needed one.

You know how I’ve been growing out my hair?

Ooops…well, so much for that! 😀 She took a good two inches off the back today…which, for a normal person, is not a lot, but when you’re me…it’ s a lot.

Yay for a haircut! I decided that summer is about the worst time to ever try growing out my hair. Maybe this winter… or maybe not.

I came home just as the refrigerator repair guy was finishing up…yep, things just keep breaking.

Mae played for awhile, had her bottle, and then went quietly to bed…that’s kinda rare.

I tried to call Delta to check on some tickets we’re gonna need soon :) but their phone lines were closed already so we played frisbee til it was too dark to see. I strummed my guitar and sang a few songs on the back porch, and now I’m hanging out here, soaking up every ounce of my life.

I’m so blessed.

Tomorrow is park day…AND closing day.

Can you believe it?!

So. Blessed.


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