91 Cupcakes

I seriously almost forgot to blog tonight.

First time that’s happened so far.


This late-night, almost-forgotten post comes to you from a girl with frosting in her hair and powdered sugar all over her shirt.

I baked A LOT of cupcakes today.

And made five batches of frosting.

And tomorrow begins the great birthday cake assembling.

Hopefully it works ’cause I have no clue what I’m doing!

A few lessons learned today from baking.

#1: Just because the box says a mix will make 24 cupcakes, that is not necessarily accurate.

#2: If a cert

ain girl makes too much buttercream frosting, she will never, ever want to eat it again.

#3: Wilton’s icing dye stains fingernails. Just sayin’. (And the blue turned out the coolest of the four colors I made.)

#4: Chocolate cupcakes smell better while they’ re baking than vanilla ones do.

Just sayin’ again. 😉

#5: Three hours straight spent in a kitchen can cause a person to go crazy.

So…91 cupcakes later, I am putting my feet up, letting my head hit the pillow, and calling it a night. Big day tomorrow!


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