30 Days of Thanks, Day 30: Discipline

In January, I chose a word for the year.


I had no idea at the time how (or if) God would use it to stretch me or grow me. But it has definitely been a part of my year…and I am learning to be thankful for it…even though I don’t think discipline is ever easy.

When I committed to blogging every day for a year, I knew it would require a certain amount of discipline…and I truly wondered if I would follow through. Most of that has involved being a little more organized on my part, and organization is not something that comes naturally for me. I had to learn how to fit in writing around priorities without making everything else revolve around the blog. (Does that make sense? ;)) I’ll admit that there have been a few times when we’ve been with friends or had friends over, and I’ve had to pull out the laptop and come up with something before midnight. Thankfully, they always laughed…and once or twice even gave me ideas. :)

However, I can almost guarantee you that once my year of blogging is done, I’ll only be blogging a few times a week.

You know, like a normal blogger. :)

God has also been teaching me a lot of discipline in the area of eating. Before I got pregnant with Maelie I was active and in pretty good shape. But once mommyhood arrived in all of its sleep-deprived, showerless, dirty-diaper glory, I stopped caring so much.

I know that sounds bad…and totally isn’t me.

It did bug me…especially the poochy baby-belly, but not enough for me to discipline myself to do something about it.

Around the end of May, a friend from church mentioned an idea; she wanted to have a Biggest Loser competition from people at our church. I thought…sure, why not?

I worked out pretty faithfully all summer, but when it came to food…I still ate. Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Through the entire ten weeks of the competition, I think I lost around five pounds.

I knew I had failed myself and I also knew I hadn’t tried hard enough.

And when it was mentioned that there was going to be another round of the BL…I decided that this time, I was going to win.

I cut my calories (a little TOO drastically at the beginning), started running and/or strength-training every day…

And it was amazing. Don’t misunderstand me, It. Was. HARD.

I said no to a lot of things…to cupcakes, to lattes, to pizza, to chocolate, to more than one cup of coffee a day. I had to replace those things with a lot of water, protein shakes, and energy bars. Some days I just wanted a Milky Way.

When the alarm went off at six a.m. the last thing I wanted to do was get up and run…but I had to. I slowly built my endurance back to where it should be and even ran a 5k in almost 30. Almost…next time! :)

And I did win…but by the end, winning didn’t matter so much. I had seen the number on the scale, and that was enough. :)

I don’t say these things to brag about what I’ve done because I truly believe God was helping me each step of the way. He knew the things I needed to do and gave me the strength to do them.

I am not a crazy health nut now…I’m just learning balance. That I can have that pizza…once in awhile, but not every day. That a cupcake is fine, as long as I have one. I also found energy bars that I love…and really don’t want to stop eating, so that’ s always good, huh? And a bit weird… :)

The one area I know I still need to work on is being consistent with spending time in God’s Word. I love my sleep too much, and getting up too early makes me crabby. (I’m not making excuses…I’m being honest.)

But just as I’ve found time in my day for all of those other things that are priorities, I know I need to find time for my Father, too.

Just as He’s helped me find discipline in those other areas, I know He’ll help me with this, too.

Thank You, God, for discipline.


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