30 Days of Thanks, Day 26: Vacations

No, this is not another Great Schroeder Adventure…you can all breathe a sigh of relief.


I have loved the past few days. Having Tobin home, being able to celebrate Thanksgiving together, being able to stay up later, get a few things done, have fun, eat pie. :)

And tomorrow…Christmas decorations! YaHOO! (No, it is not too early. Don’t even say it.)

Thanksgiving Day was just…great. Our good friends stopped over for an hour or so to visit before they headed off to spend some time with family. We spent the day just the three of us…football, food, laughing…being together.

I love my two favorite people…and it was the perfect start to this short vacation. :)

So, Tobin got me my Christmas present early this year.


Yes, I have joined the Kindle bandwagon, and needless to say, now I have even more of a reason/excuse to bury my nose in a book. On Thursday, I cracked open The Hunger Games. (Well, figuratively…I electronically opened the book and slid my finger across the screen to turn pages? Yeah, that’s better. :))


I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down.

And finished it at 2:00 a.m.

But that IS what vacations are for, right?

Last night I went very-late-Black-Friday shopping with a friend, and we also made a stop for this.

Yeah, I did it…and I seriously can’t believe I did.

I didn’t watch…I closed my eyes and scrunched up my face when it hurt.

And today? I you-tubed a video to actually see what they did to me and about got sick to my stomach. I am so,Ā SO glad I didn’t/couldn’t watch. :)

After that, we bummed around several stores and picked up a couple things…and just had fun.

WithOUT having to fight theĀ insane crowds, though I’ll admit to you I was SUPER tempted to go to Target Friday at 2 a.m.Ā just to see what people were so crazy over. (I chose to sleep instead. Good choice, Mel.)

I got home late and stayed up later finishing a movie I’ d started earlier.

That’s what vacations are for, right? :)

I’m glad we have one more day before he heads back to work…and I am so, so thankful for holidays and vacations.

It’s just nice to be together and to do fun things I don’ t always have time for.

Good stuff.

A little fluffy of a topic tonight, but thank you, God for days off…for vacations. For time to give thanks, time to spend with people we love, and time to make memories.

Blessed…that’ s what we are.

So. Blessed.


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