10 Things That Make Me Smile

Writer’s block.

Really, this is happening again


First, I’m not even sure what happened to my day.

After church, I came home, made lunch, and

took a nap. Then Tobin and I had a meeting for an hour or so. We came home, got Mae ready for bed, talked awhile, and now it’s 10:15?

I think someone’ s playing a trick on me.

When I told my hubby I was going to blog seven days a week for a year, he basically thought I was crazy. And for six weeks, I’ve been able to keep up.

Today was the first time I let the thought enter my mind that

maybe I should take Sundays off.

I mean, God did…so why shouldn’t I? :)

I don’t want to, though. I like a challenge…and when I set a goal, I don’t like to give up on it, especially so soon.

But I don’t just want to type garbage either.

(I’ll get to some actual content soon, I promise!)

I looked up a few survey options for blogs and thought they were all stupid. I thought about talking about all the airplanes I’ve been on instead of the airports I’ve been to. :) I even thought about blogging all about my dogs, which I will do eventually.

But all of those require too much brain power…and I’m not sure I could even compile a list of all the airplanes I’ ve flown on if I tried.

( The airports took long enough!


So, I bring you another top 10 list…yes, two in a week.

Sorry about that.

10 Things That Make Me Smile

10. Watching my dogs, Andre and Sammy, wrestle outside.
9. Coffee and a long chat with a friend.

8. (Somewhat) green grass in my yard and the promise that (maybe?) spring is on its way?
7. Really good music.

I loved worship this morning at church. :)
6. Hoodie weather.
5. Doggie kisses.
4. A house cluttered with baby toys and clothes and gear.

3. My hubby’s silly sense of humor.
2. My daughter’s laugh.
1. A group hug with my family.



  1. Your #2 made me think back to the time my oldest daughter moved out. She, like me, has a recognizable laugh. Her bedroom was on the other side of the family room wall, where I spent evenings watching t.v. and hearing her laugh with her friends on the other side. Whether it be over the phone or if they were here in person. It brought me a comfort I didn’t know. Until it was gone.

    Record that laughter. Record her little voice when she starts to talk. Record it through the years because as much as you think you’ll remember that sweet little voice. You won’t.

    The missing of Miss Tiffany’s laughter isn’t as bittersweet as it once was. Now, we share laughter over the phone. It’s the evolving of a mother daughter relationship. One that I wasn’t so sure would ever get out of the diaper stage. It did. HA HA!

  2. “The Tobin?” Hmm, I think I like that. It could catch on.


  3. Brat…give me some credit. MY FIRST TYPO IN OVER 40 POSTS! 😛

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