More Talk

Ok, so tonight I’m completely herbal tea-in’ it. Yeah! :)

I’m really feeling ok…(knock on wood) but I don’t think the cold is going to hit beyond the I’m-tired-and-have-a-slightly-stuffed-up-head phase. We can hope, at least.

And while we’re being honest, I kinda like tea. I mean, all those fun, fruity flavors. Add a little sugar. What’s not to love? My heart still truly belongs to coffee…but I can have tea when I’m feeling under the weather. And when I’d rather not stay up ’til 3 a.m. Just sayin’. :)

I like Sundays. Really, really like them. We get to go to our church…which we love. We have some great friends there…we love them, too. 😉 I think Immanuel has been blessed with some really great pastors, and I always enjoy their sermons.

The music is the best, too. Maybe I’m biased, but I think all of those statements are still true. :)

Sundays also usually involve drive-thru and a nap.

I looooove not having to cook. (Thank you, Taco Bell…believe it or not, you CAN eat there without eating complete junk. Trust me…I’ve got it figured out. :)) The nap happened today, too, and while it was only about 45 minutes long, it was glorious.

Good thing I napped, too, because this Sunday also came with the weekly workout, which is usually on Mondays, but not this week.

I. Am. Pooped.

Running stairs and laps in the gym, doing lunges and arm raises with weights and chair jumps and burpees and more running and ab work for an hour? That’ll poop ya. (Golly, that was a funny statement. I’m leaving it anyway. ‘Cause it’s my blog and I can. ;))

The problem with the late(r) night workout is that I’ve got so much adrenaline pumping that it’s hard to wind down and actually go to bed before midnight. I’m staring at the computer, it’s just after 10:30, and I. Am. Not. Tired. At. All.

Thankfully, should my daughter choose to sleep in tomorrow, I can, too. I don’t have anything planned ’til 2:30.

That’s when I get to go to Goodwill. With a friend, which is even better. :) The funny thing is that, lately, I like Goodwill better than Maurices and Target put together.

I know, I know…who am I and what have I done with Mel?! :)

I got a blessing tonight in the form of a phone call from one of my best friends. We hadn’t talked in ages, and it was so good to catch up. :) I love random surprises that make a day just a little better. :)

And since I just hung up the phone and it’s closer to midnight than it is to 11, I should probably end this and crash for the night.

I’m actually tired. Probably because I didn’t have coffee. :)

G’nite, friends!


A Tiny Bit of Caffeine and Some Talkin’, Too

Ok, some depth.

Deep thoughts. I do those well, right? Well, sometimes… 😉

After my insanely late night last week, I know better than to sit down with a cup of actual coffee tonight. So we’re pretend-coffee-dating with a Diet Pepsi and my scattered, heart-thoughts tonight.

I just sent Tobin to Target. Actually, he went willingly, I am most positive, to have a break from the crabby girl.

And, no, we’re not talking about me. 😉 Poor Mae…her sleep has been less than enough the last few days, and even after an almost-three-hour nap, she was still quite moody tonight. And, anyway, it’s really best for all of us if Tobin goes to Target.

Because he will get what’s on the list.

I? Well, I of course will get what’s on the list. Plus, a little bit more.

For some ridiculous reason, inspiration strikes me all too frequently when I am strolling the glorious red and white aisles of Target. I have moments of creativity that make me justify spending $30 in the home decor aisle to improve that wall in my living room that never really needed to be improved in the first place.

Or, worse, I go in for shampoo and come out with all the supplies needed to throw a backyard BBQ. And it’s February. In Illinois.

See, this is why I send him to Target whenever possible.

Last night we had a fun double date with our good friends, Kris and Jonny, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We went to Red Lobster, where I chalked up another new adventure. Hee hee. :)

Truly, it was an adventure.

We call it crab legs.

I’d never had them before…and they were really good despite the fact that it took me eons to actually crack one open. But they were worth it. :) And it was something new.

I like that.

And then we all played Hand and Foot ’til almost midnight, and that made me happy ’cause card games are my favorite. (And that was the reason I kinda blogged, but really didn’t, last night. But I hope you enjoyed the song anyway. ;))

Music has been my happy place lately. I don’t mean that it’s replaced anything…but if I’m having a day, I turn on the radio, crank up the iPod, or chord out a song on the piano. It just makes me happy to sing along…and I like to hear Maelie starting to sing, too. She’s even starting to play the piano…I use the word play very loosely…but once in awhile she’ll hit a string of notes that could be a tune. (Or maybe the I-believe-my-daughter-will-be-a-two-year-old-prodigy quality in me just thinks she hits the notes. ;))

Speaking of music…so I actually did finish that song I’ve been working on since, oh, 2008. Really, it has been that long.

Funny how projects seem to take me years longer than the average person. :) I like it. I actually think I might try to record it…not to do anything with it, but just to have it. For a memory and a reminder of the life and the change and the crazy we’ve lived…and my God who held (and still holds) it all together. Even though the words first came almost four years ago, I’ve been amazed, even in recent weeks, how they still ring true in my life today.

Something cool happened this week.

God answered a prayer for a friend…something I’d been praying about for several weeks. It just makes my heart smile to see how He works…and reminds me that when I’ve got something on my heart, the best thing I can do is tell Him about it. :)

I’ve been talking to God a lot lately…because life is hard. I carry burdens, I let my heart ache…and sometimes it just feels like a lot. I’m so glad I can tell Him all about everything I think and feel and know that He’s listening. That He loves me. That He understands.

This week could be a turning point…and I’d appreciate your prayers.

I love that I have Hope in my Father…and that I can rest in His goodness when I don’t see.

Well, I should end this 600+ word ramble…my Diet Pepsi was gone a few paragraphs ago, and I’ve moved on to herbal tea.

Yes, I realize how old that last sentence made me sound. Truth is, I’ve been fighting a cold for a week. I’m stubborn enough to put up a good fight,too, with the help of Airborne, tea, and mouthwash. (But not all at once… ;))

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.

Love ya bunches.


Another Song For You :)

No, I am not getting lazy…just busy. 😉

And…I really like music. (And playing cards with friends instead of blogging.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some actual thoughts. Oh boy!


A Listen For Your Thursday

I heard this song today and loved it.

Especially the second verse.

Have a listen. :)


I Miss Her

I have often talked about our house helper in Indonesia, Ibu Sari, and how much I miss her.

When I talk about missing her…I’m talking about her as my friend. I miss cooking with her, laughing with her, practicing my Indonesian with her…just being her friend. She’s wonderful. :)

And though, at times, I’ve missed the things she did for us, I think I did ok adjusting. For the most part I can keep up on laundry and cooking and (some) cleaning. (No comments from a certain person reading this… ;))

But today I missed her for a completely selfish reason.

See, she used to make this coffee cake for us.

I made it once, it took a small forever, and she watched. I planned that she would watch me make it so I would never have to do it again. I know, I know…I’m a teeny bit sneaky. 😉

And, without even asking, she made it all the time…probably at least once a month. And if we ever went on a trip, we knew it would be there waiting for us when we got back. (Once, it was the only thing we had to eat in the house.

True story.)

We haven’t had it since Indonesia…in fact, I think I ate a piece of it the morning I left. :) But there’s a reason for that.

(insert cheesy grin and slight head tilt)

And I rediscovered it tonight.

I have treats for Bible study tomorrow morning and have been planning to make this for a couple weeks.

Why did I NOT look at the recipe before today?

More importantly, how did I possibly FORGET why I hate making this so much


Because not only does the dough take eight hours to chill, the rest of it takes at least two. Three if you’re me.


And you are probably wondering why I have time to blog about it all…because I get to wait for an hour for it to rise before it bakes.

Hello going to bed at midnight.

I always miss my friend, Ibu Sari.

And tonight, I miss her just a little more. 😉


Little Blessings (Pt. 23)

It’s ok to count them two days in a row, right? 😉

:) Extra cuddles from a certain little girl who didn’t want to sleep tonight.

:) A card and not having to do dishes or clean up the kitchen tonight.

:) Prayers and words of encouragement from a friend.

:) Lunch dates.

:) Chocolate. Today, specifically, dark chocolate and sea salt caramel.

:) Moments to reflect.

:) A random memory that made me burst into laughter. It’s good to laugh.

:) A spunky, fireball-of-a-girl who makes grocery shopping an adventure instead of a mundane, hated chore. (Well, I still don’t love it, but she does make it interesting.)

:) Fuzzy slippers. My. Feet. Are. Cold. Love my slippers.

:) The new mercies I am given each and every day. I need them.


Little Blessings (Pt. 22)

:) Zumba. Chalkin’ up another new experience. I am not a dancer…and that’s ok. There was a lot of laughter, and that is definitely a blessing. 😉

:) Valentine’s Day…though we’re actually celebrating Friday. (I think!)

:) Realizing what a mistake it is to take Maelie into a book store…and being thankful that I had enough cash in my wallet to pay for the damage. Yikes. Blessing? Choosing to see it that way…

:) Seeing a friend, on above outing, and her UH-dorable baby boy.

:) Seeing God answer a specific prayer today.

:) Anne of Green Gables. (DON’T laugh. I’m completely addicted. You should be, too.)

:) Singing in the shower.

:) Going to a new destination (in another city) withOUT using the GPS.

:) Running five miles yesterday. (I coulda gone more…really. But my knee decided to “dislocate” for a second. Really. Supposedly what happens with runner’s knee. Yeah, it was good times. Choosing to focus on the I-ran-five-miles part. ;))

:) Two crazy golden retrievers who love me to pieces.

You know what? I love them to pieces, too.


God Moments

I love those moments when I know that God is speaking to me. And it’s always pretty cool to see how He speaks, too.

I’ve been singing this son

g for weeks…in my head, in the shower, in the car…and probably other places, too. 😉

What’s funny about it is that I seriously haven’t heard it since I was in college, and I don’t have it on CD or iTunes. It’s just still in my head. :)

So it was a bit of a surprise, flash-back moment, but definitely a cool one, too, when I logged into Facebook tonight and saw that one of my best friends had posted the lyrics of it.

God moment?

I think so.

And as I read over them, they challenged me. Maybe they’ll challenge you, too.

I will not offer anything that costs me nothing;
I’ll place before Him nothing less than my very best.

And if I’m called to sacrifice,
It will be worthy of my Christ;
I will not offer anything that costs me nothing.


Mae Converses

We’ve always kind of been aware that Mae is verbally advanced. I mean, most of her biggest influences are talkers. 😉

Today, she surprised us, though. Like, really surprised us.

The context: I had cut up a piece of pizza for her lunch.

She had eaten several bites and decided she didn’t want any more of it and started throwing pieces to Andre and Sammy. (This is fairly common in our house.)

Me: Mae, please stop throwing your food. You need to eat it.

Mae: (Pointing in the general direction of the dogs) Sammy!

(At least, that’s what we thought she said.)

Me: You’re right, Mae. Sammy is one of our doggies.

Mae: (looking right at me) No! I said, sippy! (Pointing to her sippy cup.)

I think this could be the first real conversation we’ve had with her with an actual sentence.

It was pretty amazing.

My girl is pretty amazing. :)

And she’ll be 20 months on Tuesday!

Wowsers, where does time go?!

Bonus: Just because I can, here’s a pic of our girl doing one of her favorite things. Lounging on the couch while reading a book. (Sadly, the lounging part only lasts a minute or two before she’s jumping up and down on it…) Love her.



Friday Smiles